Why Simply

Simply helps the small business be better at business.

Easy and Simple Point of Sale.

Anyone can use simply even without prior Point of Sale experience. Simply is a very popular switch from a traditional cash register with minimal learning curve. We did all the hard work, so you don’t have to.

We packed our 15 year experience in Retail POS into a simple POS system every retailer can use easily without compromising functionality and features.

Fast and Accurate Checkout.

When it comes to the demanding retail environment, Point of Sale and checkout speed are two factors that matter. The more customers a store serves, the more sales are generated. Simply POS helps you achieve that.


Simply enables retailers to checkout multiple customers at the same time from a single Point of sale station, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and business efficiency.

Simply runs on any device.

No matter if you are comfortable using a Windows computer, Android tablet or Mac.


Simply runs on any device with a modern web browser like Chrome or Safari. Every device with a browser can act as a business Point of sale system.

Simply runs Online and Offline.

Simply Point of Sale works online and synchronizes the sales data with the back office every few seconds.


In case of internet failure, Simply will continue working in Offline mode. Don’t worry, the registered transactions will be synchronized once the internet connection is restored.

Simply Powerful.

Simply Point of Sale provides convenient -easy to understand- yet powerful store insights and analytics enabling retailers to take quick and effective data driven business decisions.


Simply helps the small business be better at business.


Simply automates all time consuming daily processes of a retail store by helping retailers manage their inventory, orders, performance and point of sale in one unified mobile platform enabling retailers to manage their business anytime, anywhere even without being in-store.

  • Know who your top customers are and what they need
  • Communicate with customers
  • Market your retail business
  • Increase in-store sales and basket size
  • Drive repeat business and loyalty
  • Get familiar with your store’s foot traffic numbers and peak times
  • Simplify your end of day process
  • Track store performance and make decisions in your business
  • Track staff activity and performance
  • Efficiently track and manage stock in your business
  • Count your inventory with speed and accuracy
  • Prevent shrinkage
  • Know what your fastest and slowest moving items are



Simply POS offers a robust feature set that any business owner can use.