About us

Our team, vision, mission and plans for the future

Hello, we are Simply helping retailers succeed.

As professional manufacturers of traditional cash registers with more than 10 years experience and serving over 25000 retail points, we weren’t satisfied with the available point of sale solutions in the global market. In 2014 we decided to invent the simplest yet most effective Cloud Point Of Sale system a retailer can use today.

We built Simply based on actual retail stores needs, in a simple way anyone can use, even without any prior POS System experience.

The team

We are a passionate young team of professionals with an “Everything is possible” attitude, devoted in helping the small business succeed, by taking advantage of sophisticated and innovative technologies. Simply arms small merchants with powerful tools anyone can use combined with award winning customer service.


Simply’s Team mission is to empower the small store owner with advanced business tools in the simplest and most convenient way possible. Building everything with retail success in mind, we can say that Simply helps the small business be better at business.

Simply freedom

Business data are securely stored in our high-end ISO27001 certified cloud infrastructure right in the hands of the store owner anywhere via a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Store owner can perform all daily tasks from his tablet or computer from the comfort of home, like, placing orders, managing suppliers, generating reports and monitoring a single or multiple stores in real time.

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