Simply Partner program

Simply partner program is a partnership program for IT professionals allowing them to implement Simply solutions to their customers

The most modern option for your customers

The world is evolving and technology is growing rapidly. The revolution could not leave out retail systems. At Simply, we create innovative web based products, which organize small and medium retail businesses with 1 to 101 stores.

Simply’s software products are safe, reliable and 100% Cloud based, utilizing the most modern technologies in the world. Simply’s solutions are already available in 4 European countries, available in Greek, English and Italian language and can serve any retail, pricing and commercial management needs.

Develop a customer base with recurring revenue

Simply’s applications are based on the modern commercial framework of SaaS (Software as a Service), like all modern software solutions worldwide. There is no such thing as a one-off purchase license and the solutions are based on a subscription model that includes all services (access to services, upgrades and support).

A Simply partner acquires the competitive advantage of the most economical offer to the customer (as the initial purchase of a license is not required) and at the same time ensures repeated commissions from the customer’s extensions while using the Simply applications. Simply offers you repeat revenues for the entire life cycle of the customer.

In this way, customers only pay for how long they use the services, avoiding the large initial cost of purchasing licenses that we find in older software.

Forget forever the problems of traditional software

Forget forever the troubles and problems of old software based on local installed Windows programs.

Put a definitive end to tasks such as installation, upgrades, backups, etc. In Simply everything is done on their own, all you need to do is log in to your account with your email and password.

It works on any device with Windows, Android system and even Apple devices through a browser, such as Google Chrome. It is also not affected by problems that may occur in the operating system and works even when the Internet crashes.

Our partners mean everything to us

Simply is the first business retail store software company in Greece to offer direct self-service free trial and activation of the product by the customer with 100% online procedures. Our people have made a huge effort to “get here” and we are proud of that.

The same goes for our valuable partners. Most of them are young people, with vision, talented professionals and armed with high-level know-how in retail systems. Our partners are not consultants or salespeople, they are members of our family and we are very picky in their selection.

Proper presentation and support of Simply’s solutions to end customers is a matter of great importance to us and our partners.


If by reading the above, you see yourself and you want to be a part of the revolution in retail systems then we should definitely get to know each other. Fill in the application form for the partners program and we will contact you immediately.

Partners Frequently Asked Questions

The partner program is aimed at professionals and companies in IT and retail systems that provide installation and support services for systems in retail stores.

Partners need to have knowledge about cash and retail systems and be able to effectively advise and guide their business customers in choosing and using retail and store software.

The partner undertakes to guide potential customers throughout the purchase cycle. From the analysis of needs, the presentation of the solution, the proposal of equipment to the completion of delivery and training in their store.

He must present the capabilities of the system to the customer in a communicative manner and ensure that he does not discredit but preserve and promote the prestige that characterizes Simply’s high-level services.

Simply is designed for users who are completely unfamiliar with computers and technology. In general, a user who knows the basics of handling a Smartphone can use the system comfortable after the first 2-3 hours of operation.

Users who use the internet on a regular basis and have even little experience in using retail software catch on the spot even without any training.

It’s very easy. If you are already a partner, you can easily create a free trial account for your client through your Partner portal account. This way, your customer has the ability to run the account and get to know the innovative way that Simply works.

If you do not have access to the Partner portal or you are not a partner yet, you can create a completely free account at, the account that will be created will then be able to join your customer base with a phone call to the counselor who serves you.

The partnership with Simply aims at a Win-Win alliance with partners. Our partners benefit financially in multiple ways, as indicated by:

  1. Continuous commissions  of new activations and updates
  2. Commissions from customer extensions
  3. Provision of professional services (configuration, etc.)
  4. Direct customer recommendations from Simply headquarters
  5. Sales of equipment

Of course, the main benefit for both customers and partners is the trouble-free operation of Simply and its technological excellence that requires minimal to zero technical support to customers.

The commissions are paid by transfer to the bank accounts of the partners on the first business day of each month, for the activations that took place last month.

Simply does not require installation, as it is an online platform (such as Gmail), you will only need a computer or tablet with any operating system and an Internet connection.

Simply registration process takes 1 minute and is done in 2 quick steps. Right after registration, your account is ready for use.

Simply works without any on-site configuration for retail sales and online invoicing. It is ready to operate immediately after the registration is completed.

With basic configuration (which covers 80% of customers), the time required for the operation of the store is less than 5 minutes. Ask us to show you how, you will be surprised.

In the meantime, if you need to enable specialized features such as user rights, links to regional or multiple stores, the configuration time always depends on your customer’s needs.

A very basic source of revenue for partners is the provision of business configuration services at Simply.

We want our partners to feel completely safe, secure and trustworthy about Simply’s software applications. That is why we are always by their side with continuous training, workshops & webinars.

Each partner has direct contact with his Simply personal advisor who guides him, solves all his questions (even after hours) and of course evaluates together and designs solutions to better and more efficient customer service.

Partner portal (to which partners have access) is an easy-to-use tool in order to manage and support active and potential customers. It also helps the partner to manage financial issues with customers, as well as renewal of subscriptions that are nearing their expiration.

Partner portal is the right hand of the partner and is constantly evolving by Simply’s team of engineers with the aim of providing the best possible service to customers and partners.

Partners are also provided by Simply with all necessary Insignia badges for their store or office where they confirm their status as Simply Partners by raising their prestige among potential customers.

In addition to the above, active partners have the opportunity to use Simply’s trademarks on their business websites and in various other marketing activities, after special permission.

If you are excited about the challenge of joining the nationwide network of Simply’s partners, fill out the Application for registration as a partner and we will contact you right away.

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