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Cake Take away store sounds like an easy and fun profession. At Simply, we know very well that the reality is much more difficult.

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Put an end to the daily time-consuming processes, such as counting on the shelves and preparing orders to suppliers.

Frequently Asked Questions from Cafe & take away store owners

Simply is a software that helps organize retail stores, such as inventory management and stock monitoring, sales automation using barcode scanners, employee cash registers and employee shifts, and other 100+ functions that enable the daily life of a store, making the work of the entrepreneur and employees easier and more efficient.

It is the easiest system on the market, as it does not require installation and works on any computer or tablet you already have. Its environment is very simple and anyone can use it even if they do not have computer skills. It’s a fact that most Simply users start working on their own without any help.

Simply is ideal for organizing your Cafe Take away and untie your hands, as it does for hundreds of businesses with a similar store to yours.

At Simply, special attention has been paid to specialized features for Cafe Take away stores in order to organize your store.

Simply has no initial acquisition cost and is based on a subscription, which includes everything you need. The cost of the subscription depends on the number of stores you have. The cost for a store starts from € 30 per month. All packages include a free seat for a cash register per store, but you can add more seats. If you need to add an extra cashier in the future, it costs € 30 / month.

At Simply we want you to have absolute freedom and there is no commitment with a contract. In the very rare case that you wish to stop your subscription, you can do so at any time without notice. In any case, you can try Simply completely free of charge, using the free trial subscription we offer in order to discover the system and its benefits. Please note that we offer special prices to companies with more than 4 stores.

The input of products in the system is one of the most painful processes that all retail businesses have to deal with with their computerization. For your convenience and the fastest operation of your store, Simply offers you the following options for importing your items.

1. With the ability to mass import products using Excel file

Create thousands of products in the system with a single click by entering an Excel worksheet. That way, if you have your products organized in a list (it’s a good idea to ask for lists from your suppliers, as most of them have) or you can “export” a list from another program (eg. software you already use or your eshop), which will be used to automatically create items in Simply without getting tired of import them manually.

2. With the automatic creation of products during the sale (applies to fast FMCG * types of intensive retail) * FMCG = Fast Moving Consumer Goods, products that we meet in the super markets etc.

By activating the SCS (Simply Catalog Services) service available on all Simply accounts, you can create your products quickly and effortlessly, avoiding long typing work, as well as possible errors. You pass the intensive retail products in front of the barcode scanner while you work and the system will automatically recognize them, you just confirm or correct the suggested selling price and the system will enter them in your store database with their basic details completed.

3. Using the easy and fast environment of the inventory

Create your products quickly through Simply’s inventory environment, deploying “Save and create new items”.

Even so, creating products this way is still easy and fun. A lot of our customers have told us that the manual creation of their inventory products gave them the opportunity to discover forgotten products they had in the store, to review the selling prices, and to update their inventory.

To get an overview of the process, consider that you will need less than a minute to create a new product.

We don’t want you to have any problems at all and we do our best to make everything work smoothly. If you have any difficulties or just have a question, you can call us and we will guide you step by step to complete the job you need. Of course, you can ask us anything, any day and time, using the Live chat that is built into the app.

Call us or ask us to call you and your personal advisor will guide you step by step in the process of activating a new account as well as in the first steps of organizing your store.

Whatever your needs are, your personal advisor has the right knowledge and experience to advise you on the best ways to organize your store.

Of course you can start on your own by activating the Simply package that suits you in the pricing section.

Try every feature for free for 14 days

Includes full access to support and free guidance to get you started.

No commitment, no credit card required.

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