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We answer the most common questions about cost, support, equipment and security. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our support team or our point of sale consultants here

Simply is a web based software that helps retail stores organize their daily operations, such as inventory management and stock control, sales automation using barcode scanner, employee management and shifts, and other 100+ features that enhance the daily routine of a store, making the work of the store manager and employees easier and more efficient.

It is the easiest to use system in the market, as it does not require installation and works on any computer or tablet you may have. Its environment is very simple and anyone can use it without computer skills required. It’s a fact that most Simply users start working on their own without the need of any help.

Simply has no initial liscence or setup cost and is based on a monthly subscription, which includes everything you need. The cost of the subscription depends on the number of stores you have. The cost for a single store starts from € 30 per month. All packages include a free register per store but for sure you can add more registers. If you need to add an extra cashier in the future, the extra register required costs € 30 / month.

At Simply we want you to have the absolute freedom and there is no commitment with a contract. In the very rare case that you wish to terminate your subscription, you can do so at any time without notice. In any case, you can try Simply completely free of charge, using the free trial subscription we offer in order to discover the system and its benefits. Please note that we offer special prices to companies with more than 4 store locations.

The subscription includes everything you need to manage your store and work easily, quickly and efficiently.

All of Simply’s subscriptions include unlimited access and use of the system’s services for the number of stores that your package have, automatic updates and of course the excellent support provided via phone, live chat and email. When you activate your account, you get in touch with your very personal advisor at Simply, as well as one (or two, or even three) completely free on-line sessions with your personal advisor in order to get “everything in place” and ensure the smooth running of your store.

Your personal advisor undertakes to guide you through your first steps with Simply, ensuring you the correct guidance and best practices of using the system. Your advisor will be available at any time for more information, answering questions about the use of the system and anything else you may need.

Only a computer with an Internet connection.

Simply is a web based application and can run on any device regardless of operating system (running Windows, Android or even Apple devices) and shape or size (running on PC, Tablet or even Smartphone). Access to the app is done through the browser of your choice (we recommend Google Chrome) using your email and password to log in to your account.

Therefore, it can run on any computer with an Internet connection and a recently updated browser, so you can even use the computer you already have without having to invest extra money in special equipment.

Given this convenience, we must not forget that the cash register of the retail store is a very demanding task when many and continuous transactions are registered (ie. more than 100 transactions per day). In case your store has a similar or larger volume of transactions, we highly recommend the use of a special Point of sale computer designed for use in a demanding high street environment.

To give you an idea, Simply can be expanded with peripherals of your choice, such as Barcode scanner, cash register, customer facing display, receipt and order printer, label printer, mobile inventory terminal, electronic scale, Price checker and more. If you already have any of the above devices, ask us about its compatibility.

If you already have a Barcode scanner working with your computer, then it is almost certain that you can use it to register sales with Simply.

Most USB as well as Bluetooth wireless scanners are fully compatible with the system. In any case, you can call us and we can easily confirm its compatibility with an 1 minute check by phone.

In order to operate Simply, you need an Internet connection. In the real world, there are many times, that have to deal with unstable or even faulty internet access. In this case, Simply continues to operate normally in Offline mode and serves your sales the same way , just as when the internet was available.

In the offline mode, you can do all the necessary tasks, such as sales with barcode, price control issue receipts etc. You can even create new products and customers and make sales with them. When the Internet connection is restored, all operation that took place in offline mode will be synchronized with the system.

Of course, in fact, we have many customers who use Simply in outdoor environments such as pop up shops, food trucks, and so on relying exclusively on a mobile internet connection. Simply workplace environment is very light and can operate at full speed even with an EDGE or 3G level signal reception.

Thanks to the special care made during its design. In order to be light and fast, the monthly volume of bandwidth data consumption with a mobile phone network is very low. Thus makes it the ideal solution for a fully mobile epos system.

Simply can effectively cover any retail store regardless of the daily volume of transactions it makes per cash desk.

We have customers who use it for two or three transactions a day, we also have customers who have stores with increased high street traffic making over 5000 per day. Whatever the size of your store is, you can rely on Simply for total stability and reliability.

Simply does not require the installation of a software package in order to operate. The whole experience is web-based. All you have to do is to visit our website at and hit the login button. For sure you can directly browse to and enter your email and your password.

Of course, if you need help connecting your equipment and set up your new account to your store using our on-site service, contact us to arrange an appointment at your site.

Simply has a nationwide network of certified partners who can cover any need in any part of Greece, no matter where you are.

There is no need for maintenance, updating, upgrade, or backup. Thanks to Cloud-based technology, all maintenance and upgrade work is done automatically in the cloud without you having to do anything.

Of course, thanks to the cloud technology, you never need to stop your work to do any maintenance, nor, do you have to pay a qualified technician.

The preparation time for the operation of your store with Simply depends on the number of products, the existing management system you already have in place and the time you can allocate for this task.

Many customers complete the process in a few hours but if you have thousands of products and a minimum of time it can take up to 2 weeks.

Of course, if you are already using another program or have your products in a file (Excel, CSV or similar), the situation becomes easier, as there is the possibility to ensure an automated input of your data and we will be able to deliver the software ready to use without you having to deal with it.

We fully understand that time is money for a business and the right management is everything, we suggest you contact us in order to plan the fastest possible transition plan for your store. Call us and we will be happy to guide you through this process.

We don’t want you to have any problems at all either. We do our best to make everything work smoothly. If you have any difficulties or just you got stuck somewhere, you can call us and we will guide you step by step to complete the job you need. Of course, you can ask us anything, any day and time, using the Live chat that is built into the app.

Of course, Simply has a complete online electronic invoicing system and you can issue tax documents either in the online form or print them to your printer.

In addition, the system includes a complete business management system with customer credit/debit ledgers and you can manage invoices with ease through  the intuitive environment.

They couldn’t be safer. Your precious data is stored following the most demanding data storage practices, in world-famous Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure with banking security level. We always use the most demading encryption standards.

In order for your data to reach securely our infrastructure, we apply TLS encryption with SSL 2048 bit in order to be absolutely sure that your data are encrypted at all their transfer steps. In addition, your sensitive data is not stored in the form in which you enter them but are encrypted using special technologies and cannot be read back using the plain human eye. That way, even we are not able to decode them.

In addition, with Cloud you are 100% safe against data loss, because your data remain secure and accessible even if your computer is damaged or stolen.

In the event of failure happens with your computer and you are already using Simply, all you have to do is log in to the system from another computer. Your data will be exactly where you left them and your store will always work uninterrupted.

Only you and the operators/employees you have authorized (if any) to use the system and always, to the extent that you have given them access. No one else, (and when we say no one, we mean no one) Not even our technicians.

Simply’s staff do not know, do not store, nor are they going to ask you for your account password by any means and for absolutely no reason.

Even our engineers, within the framework of maintenance work of our systems, have access to all parts of our infrastructure except the specially designed secure locations where your data are stored. Simply has been designed from the beginning based on the security of your data in mind. This is our core principle and we do not negotiate it.

First of all, you can cancel your account at any time. Just login to your account, navigate through your profile area and if you are the account owner you can submit a request to cancel your account. By registering your request, your account will be canceled, your access will cease to be valid and your data will be completely deleted from our systems within 48 hours by an automatic deletion process.

Before submitting a request to cancel your account, make sure that you have exported all the necessary data you need from the Simply systems and stored it securely on an external drive on your personal computer.

In case, you stop using Simply for any reason and let your subscription expire without chosing a renewal package, your data will be deleted in its entirety within 60 days from the date of the expiration of your subscription through an automatic process.

For the first 30 days, you will be able to restore your account without losing your data and continue exactly where you left off when you last used it.

Each employee has access only to the areas of the system specified by the store administrator. Simply has an advanced access role management system and custome access levels can be setup on a per user basis according to the tasks delegated to that user.

You can, for example, define a “Cashier” user role that can only make sales in the cash register environment, an “Accountant” user role that can only create purchase invoices, and a “Store Manager” role with more rights, such as eg. placing orders tosuppliers and so on.

The possibilities you have with the rights determination system are endless, as you can “tailor to your needs” the whole access management of the system.

Simply has a complete logging mechanism for recording events and actions of users with the aim of effectively monitoring incidents and dealing with errors in a timely manner. Mistakes, especially the ones relating to financial stuff can be very expensive for a business.

All actions of the users (such as changing the price of an item or selling at a discount or modifying the stock) are recorded in a detailed calendar displayed in Timeline format for easy and quick understanding of the event log.

The events are divided into 54 different types so that the search for a specific type of event can be made easily and quickly. For example, you can see in which products the selling price has changed (the previous and the updated price) by which user, as well as the exact date and time the event took place.

The event log keeps a history of all actions from the very first day the system is used in your store.

To make it easier for your store to start operating with Simply, the following records can be imported into the system:

1. Inventory, as well as the current stock levels
2. Customers and current balances
3. Suppliers and current balances

In most cases and to the extent that the technology of the application you are already using allows, we can transfer to Simply your inventory, customers, and suppliers. Ask us about the options we have to transfer your data from the application you are already using.

Most of our customers who manage their store with Simply have never looked back. Everything is done easily and quickly through a very easy to use environment that works with all its features, even on your smartphone. So you always have your store in your pocket, wherever you are.

It is a fact that technology has made significant progress in all areas, so it could not stand still in retail management systems. So, choosing Simply, you choose the most modern technology available today.

Of course, we understand that every business is unique and has different needs, so we give you the opportunity to try Simply for free from the comfort of your home or office, and in combination with the free demonstration we offer you everything to decide if Simply fits the needs of your business.

You can sign up for a free trial account to find out for yourself the flexibility that Simply offers and in any case we are at your disposal to answer any question you may have.

Simply can serve a wide range of retail businesses to organize their commercial and operational needs. Indicatively, we mention some types of our customer’s store types that have improved the way they work, taking advantage of the possibilities that Simply offers to them.

Some example business types that have improved their efficiency by using Simply are

Gift shops
Clothing/footwear store
Toy store
Leather items
Mobile phone shop
Cafe Take away
Grocery / Mini market / Kiosk
Pet shop
Fruit store
Butcher shop
Fish shop
Candy store
VAPE shop / CBD Shop
Battery store
Spare parts
Tool store
Paints & Hardware shop

Of course, in fact we have many customers who use a Tablet for their cash register point-of-sale computer. 

In the market, you can find very elegant devices and stands for Tablet in a variety of colors and designs, in order to “match” them to the aesthetics of your store.

Simply’s environment is very simple and is designed especially for users who have no experience using computers and software.

We have noticed that even users who are relatively older and have no previous computer experience use it very comfortably after about a week of use.

If you are already familiar with the technology (ie. you are able to do everyday tasks, such as sending emails or using Social media, you definitely have the ability to perceive the operation of the system within the first few minutes of use.

The import of products in the system is one of the most painful processes that all retail businesses have to deal with. For your convenience and for the fastest operation of your store, Simply offers you the following options for importing your items.

1. Mass import products using Excel spreadsheet

Create thousands of products in the system with a single click by importing an Excel worksheet. That way, if you have your products organized in a list (it’s a good idea to ask for lists from your suppliers, as most of them have) or you can “export” a list from another program (eg. software you already use or your e-commerce website), which will be used to automatically create items in Simply without having to import them manually.

2. With the automatic creation of products during the sale (applies to FMCG products) * FMCG = Fast Moving Consumer Goods, products that we meet in the convenience goods industry.

By activating the SCS (Simply Catalog Services) service available on all Simply accounts, you can create your products quickly and effortlessly, avoiding painful data entry work, as well as possible errors. You pass the retail products in front of the barcode scanner while you work and the system will automatically recognize them, you just confirm or alter the suggested selling price and the system will create them in your store database with their basic details completed.

3. Using the easy and fast environment of the inventory

Create your products quickly through Simply’s inventory environment, using the “Save and create new items” feature.

Even so, creating products this way is still easy and fun. A lot of our customers have told us that the manual creation of their inventory products gave them the opportunity to discover forgotten products they had in stock and to review the selling prices while updating their inventory.

To get a general idea of the process, consider that you will need less than a minute to create a new product.

There is absolutely no problem, even if some or all of your products do not have a Barcode, it’s totally ok. You can manage them in the system just as effectively as those that have barcodes. Instead of Barcode, Simply will create an internal code where it will take the place of barcode.

You can still sell products without barcode from the point of sale (register) environment using the product quick sale keys (are like shortcuts) and for sure you can search the Simply’s inventory database using the products name or internal code.

If you want, of course, Simply lets you print barcode stickers to stick them on the packages of products that they don’t have Barcode and handle them exactly the same way you do with bar-coded products.

No, it is not necessary and we have hundreds of customers who use Simply exclusively for the management of their stores without being involved in their tax liability of fiscal obligation with the store management software.

In any case, Simply may at any time you wish to connect to selected cash register models and issue the receipt automatically at the completion of the transaction without having to enter the items in the cash register separately.

We have many customers who have seasonal businesses and we understand that they want to use the system only for some months per year but at the same time they need their valuable data to be hosted on our systems until next season when they will start operating again.

This is possible by activating an annual subscription and after the end of the season (eg after the first 6 months they have used Simply) to set up their account On hold. The monthly charge for On hold accounts is € 10 / month for each store.

By setting the account on hold, your account is frozen, all your data is securely stored on our systems, application upgrades are normally applied and the days passing are not charged from the rest of the subscription available on your account.

You can restore your account to full function at any time by contacting Simply’s customer service department. The whole process takes 5 minutes.

Of course! We’ll tell you a secret, the original idea behind Simply’s concept was to easily manage businesses with a big number of retail store locations.

Simply allows you to manage all the operations of your stores such as inventory and stock, your customers, suppliers, and orders, centrally, through a unified, easy to use and friendly environment. Simply’s business insights and analytics are informing you in real-time with all major metrics and KPIs no matter where you are, using your Smartphone.

So if you run more than one store, you should definitely call us to show you what Simply can do for your business. You will be surprised.

Simply has an API programming interface on all major subsystems such as inventory, customers, orders, and transactions in order to be able to integrate with existing systems operating in your business or the systems you plan to put in place in the future.

We have many customers that have integrated with Simply their current e-commerce platforms.

Ask us about the possibilities you have to implement Simply with the other systems that work in your business such as your online store, ERP, etc.

We fully understand that your business needs a professional solution and we are at your disposal to serve you.

Simply has a nationwide network of certified partners who can visit you at your site, undertake all the technical work, and deliver the system ready for use as well as train you and your employees.

All you have to do is contact us to discuss your needs and arrange the best possible solution for your business with our nearest partner.

Call us! Your personal advisor will guide you step by step in the process of activating a new account as well as in the first steps of setting up your store.

Whatever your needs are, your personal advisor has the right knowledge and experience to advise you on the best ways to manage your store.

Of course you can start on your own by activating the Simply plan that suits your business in the pricing section.

Try every feature for free for 14 days

Includes full access to support and free guidance to get you started.

No commitment, no credit card required.

or call us at +44 203 129 1953