Unified management for multiple retail stores

Manage 1 to 101 store locations from a single place.

Manage 1 to 101 store locations from a single place.

Centralized management of multiple stores

Put an end to the complexity of managing multiple stores and get everything done through a single, unified environment.

No one manages the inventory better than us

We know very well that managing the inventory, orders and suppliers in multiple outlets is a difficult and demanding task. We made it as simple as it gets for everyone and we are proud of that. Ask us to show you how.

Take your customer's experience to a higher level

Make every single customer feel special by understanding their purchase needs and serving them personally. Encourage them to visit your stores more often.

Enterprise grade consolidated reporting

Gain insights of the business with unified multi store reports in real time. Monitor live and compare the performance of your stores individually, selectively or in total

Scalable system designed for growth and success

Manage your first, second and every next store through an easy-to-use and comprehensive environment. Simply evolves with your business.

Try every feature for free for 14 days

Includes full access to support and free guidance to get you started.

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