Full-featured Invoicing platform for retail business

Create and send invoices to your business customers using email or print them to your printer.

Create and send invoices to your business customers using email or print them to your printer.

Create your invoices on line Email or printed

Easily create any type of tax document and choose whether to send it online to the recipient or print it on an A4 printer from wherever you are.

  • Absolute flexibility: Issue an invoice from where it serves you, from the computer, Tablet or even from the Smartphone.
  • The choice is yours: Send your invoices online, save them in PDF or print them in the traditional way.
  • It's customized to your needs: Easily customize the appearance of your invoices to your corporate identity with your logo and colors.

Professionally designed invoices for every use

Take advantage of Simply’s powerful environment to create tax documents such as Invoices, Retail Receipts, etc., as well as information documents such as orders, offers, etc.

  • Unlimited types of documents. For any use, tax or informative.
  • Connect to My DATA service. Full readiness for connection of tax documents with the online invoice exchange platform of AADE.
  • Prompt update of the accountant. Minimize the documents and communication with the accountant by creating an account to give him direct access to the system.

Commercial and financial management

Simply is much more than just a software for issuing invoices. It manages the inventory, suppliers, customers and all business finances.

  • Manage inventory. Manage purchase invoices and suppliers information cards quickly and efficiently.
  • Customers & suppliers information cards. Always keep the information cards and the rest up to date with the collection and payment system.
  • Manage expenses. Register the business expenses, such as rent, bills and determine the operating cost.

Full control with reporting, insights and analytics

Manage information cards, customers and suppliers balances with absolute ease through a user-friendly and comprehensive environment.

  • Find out your profit. In real time for each transaction separately or for a certain period of time.
  • VAT monitor. Find out at any time your tax liabilities.
  • What do you owe and what do they owe you. Have full knowledge at any time of your debts to suppliers, as well as the balances that your customers owe you.

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