Point-of-sale features that
take your store to a new level

From Sales and shifts management to Advanced Analytics, we have you covered

From Sales and shifts management to Advanced Analytics, we have you covered


Unparalleled device freedom

Use the equipment of your choice. Simply works in any computer or tablet with a modern web browser.

Fast implementation

No need for software installation or configuration. Simply works out of the box. Just login to your account and everything is here.

Access from anywhere

Your data are accessible from any device 24/7 at your fingertips using your Smartphone, tablet or computer.

Ease of use

Simply is designed with tha average user in mind. Anyone can use it, even without any special knowledge or experience.

Low operation cost

Say goodbye to initial Liscence costs from “traditional” epos companies. Simply has it all bundled in a reasonable monthly subscription.

Zero maintenance

It does not require, maintenance upgrade or backups. Everything is done automatically without having you to worry.

Secure & reliable
Your precious data are protected usign enterprise grade security measures. Our platform is powered by Microsoft Azure.
Scales as you grow
Are you opening a new store? Are you adding a new register seat? Simply scales with you when you need it.


Sell using a Barcode scanner
Serve your customers quickly and without having to remember the prices using the Barcode scanner.
Sales with quick keys

Arrange frequently used products in sales categories with quick sale keys. Quick keys are perfect for repeated sales.

Basket on hold
Serve multiple customers at the same time by putting delayed transactions on hold. You can return to complete a held sale in seconds.
Multiple payment types

Make sale transactions with mixed payment methods, like cash and card. Our payment type reporting will update each type

Manage returns
Handle customer returns quickly and with ease, directly from the cash register environment. The system will handle everything in the backend.
Quick customer creation

Never lose the opportunity to create a customers profile. Profiles can be created quickly, directly from the register environment.

Customer display
Show customers the contents of their basket, such us quantity and prices in an impressive way through the customer display.
Zero configuration receipt printing

Connect Simply with selected EPSON epos printers to print the receipt immediately upon completion of the sale.


Bulk import your inventory
Create or update thousands of products in the system quickly and easily by uploading an Excel or similar spreadsheet file.
Thousands of ready-made SKUs

Scan the products with the barcode scanner, the popular retail products are automatically recognized, even if you haven’t created them.

Weighted products
Manage weighted products independently or in connection with a digital retail scale with label printing.
Products with modifiers

Manage items with an unlimited number of single or multiple choice modifiers, e.g.  Espresso “with Sugar” or “with Stevia”

Serial numbers
Manage products with Serial numbers or IMEI for businesses that deal with electronic devices and warranty management.
Price books

Create different sell pricing scenarios in products or categories for specific customers or customer groups. 

Stock counts & adjustments
Make stock counts and adjustments with ease, directly from the register screen or using your smartphone as a mobile terminal.
Barcode labels

Create and print Barcode labels for products or price tags on the shelves within your store.

Purchasing & supplies


Integrated financial management of your suppliers and vendors with ledgers and record keeping for invoices, payments and more.

Purchase orders automation

Automated pre-filled purchase orders for every supplier with the products that needs reordering based on low stock alerts.

Delivery notes control

Check fastly delivered purchase orders for differences in quantity of merchandise or purchase prices directly at the time of delivery.

Manage purchases

Transform orders and delivery notes into purchase invoices with 1 click for immediate update of the system.

Returns to suppliers

Manage returns of defective or mistakely delivered products to suppliers and create or manage credit notes.

Suppliers audit

Built in purchase order audit tools allows you to spot immediatly differences between the purchase prices from your suppliers.


Customer profile

Manage customer profiles and understand what products they buy and how often they visit your store. Profiles are perfect for marketing too.

Purchase history

Track the purchasing behavior of your customers and offer them personalized marketing incentives with relevant products.

Customer ledgers

Maintain customer ledgers with credit and debit records. With the ledgers you can understand the full transactional history of your customer.

Loyalty Points

Launch your very own loyalty program and motivate your customers to visit you again and again.

Customer segments
Segment customers into groups with automatic discounts or special prices in categories or specific products.
Price per customer

Make your customers feel unique when they think of your business by offering personalized prices on products they love.


Cash management

Easy and transparent management of all financial transactions for sales, purchases and expenses with every available payment type. 

Payment types

Create unlimited payment methods for sales, purchases and any other financial transaction of your company such us tax and wages.

Manage third parties

Manage indepedent accounts with debit and credit records for tracking every type of expense like service orders, maintenance and more.

Expenses management

Having your expenses in place will help you identify the actual operational cost of your business. Simply can handle all of these.

VAT monitor
Keep track in real time and with absolute accuracy the VAT Balance of the current VAT period.
Profit calculation

No more guesswork. Simply enables you to identify the profitability of a single day, week, month or custom date range.


Employee management

Manage in one place all necessary employee profile data, such as contact details, bank accounts, etc.

Access rights & roles

Group employees into access groups and give them access only to the nescessary areas of the system.

Shifts handling

Shift management with start and end cash, as well as the possibility of deposits and withdrawals directly from the cash register.

Time attendance

Count and manage employees working hours in shifts with clock in, clock out and detailed reporting.

Employee wage ledgers
Manage employee ledgers and handle complex scenarios like upfront payments, delayed wage payment and more.
Employee events timeline

Powerful engine to log and visualize all performend actions within the system along with the employee and the exact timestamp.


Customer management

Manage customer movement with detailed credit and debit ledgers, as well as exporting a ledger to Excel.

Companies house API

Auto fills invoiceing details for companies in sync with the business data from the governments companies registry.

Sync with MyData platform

Simply is able to Sync registerd sales and invoices with the digital bookkeeping platform of AADE 

Tax documents of any types

Issue tax documents of any type, such as invoices for products, services, credits, delivery notes, etc.

Print or send via Email
Choose between sending your documents via Email, saving to PDF or printing on your A4 desktop printer.
Operate on any device

Work freely and issue your tax documents from any device you want, your computer, Tablet or Smartphone.

Multiple stores

Central management
Manage all your stores from a central unified place through an easy to use intuitive environment.
Unified products database

Manage your products centrally from one place and track your inventory stock for all of your stores in a single page view.

Unified customers database

Your customers are recognized by all your stores, providing them with a unified shopping experience.

Supply center

Place your orders centrally and unload your stores from  purchase orders and possible mistakes.

Internal stock transfer
Move stock with a single click  between your stores and serve your customers quickly and efficiently.
Consolidated multistore reporting
Track in real-time performance of one or more stores with consolidated statistics and graphs for effective comparison.

Reports & statistics

Reports control center
Find out at a glance the daily progress of your store. The control center will become your daily partner.
Detailed daily statistics
Understand easily, quickly and acurately every KPI you need to know for the day, week, month or custom range.
Financial ratio
Keeping track of your KPIs helps you be familiar, compare and understand the performance between your stores.
Inventory activity
Identify quickly the products and categories with increased turnover and profit and make fine adjustments to your product line.
Advanced trading statistics
Choose from board range of preset insights and analytics for your inventory, customers, suppliers, sales and more.
Employee event logging

Find out “what’s going on” when you are out of store. All employees actions are logged down securely for evaluation at a later time.

Quick start

Quick start
Get started right away by creating a completely free (no commitment, no credit card required) trial account and discover it by yourself.
Fast learning

Organize your store in a minimum of time, thanks to the easy-to-use and simply designed environment that guides you on its own.

No need for special equipment
Use the equipment of your choice. You can even use the computer or laptop you already have. Tablets and ePOS computers are welcome too.
Migrate from another software
If you already use an ePOS or other management software, you can ask us to transfer the products from the old system to Simply.
Personal account manager
Your personal advisor at Simply will guide you through the entire experience of kick starting the operation of your store.
Immediate support

We are by your side and we immediately answer any question you may have via phone, Live chat and using the support center.

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